CTR:NF Clan War Draft Tool v1.1a - Developed by "SkyDrake / Leniovias" - Hosted by crashteamranking.com

This is a draft tool for Clan Wars in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled. For a quick guide, scroll all the way down.
It is heavily recommended to use this tool on a desktop PC, as it was not developed for mobile devices!

Update 1.1a (10th of October 2019):

Create a Lobby:

It's as simple as entering the team names and clicking the button! (25 characters max.)

Team A - vs. - Team B

How the tools works:

To create a lobby, enter both team names into the field and press "Create Lobby". If it was successful, you'll recieve a message including three links:

The lobby won't start until both teams are ready. Once both teams are ready, RNG will decide which team begins.

Note: You can click the "Create Lobby" button only once. If you made a mistake, refresh the page and enter the team names again.

The draft phase:

To keep it simple, we assume that Team A has "won the coinflip" and gets the first ban, with Team B following up.
The order will look like this:

  1. Team A selects Ban #1.
  2. Team B selects Ban #1.
  3. Team A selects Ban #2.
  4. Team B selects Ban #2.
  5. Team A selects Track #1.
  6. Team B selects Track #1.
  7. Team B selects Track #2.
  8. Team A selects Track #2.
  9. Team A selects Track #3.
  10. Team B selects Track #3.
  11. Team B selects Ban #3.
  12. Team A selects Ban #3.
  13. Team B selects Track #4.
  14. Team A selects Track #4.
  15. Team A selects Track #5.
  16. Team B selects Track #5.

Each of these stages lasts up to 30 seconds. This allows teams to discuss which tracks to pick and ban. Of course a selection can be handed in before the timer runs out, though.

If no track gets banned in time, the ban will be lost. If no track gets picked in time, a random track will be selected.

Quick Video Guide: